Alsayed - January

Good Times For Strong Brothers

The sibling relationship can be life’s longest lasting relationship. The connection between two brothers can be strong. Bad times bring them even closer while their lasting memories focus on good times. The brothers Tarek and Ahmed Hamdy Soliman definitely have to share great memories, especially about the 6th AHO Breeders’ Championship in Egypt.

The show returned to the beautiful showground of Rabab stud, which was already the host of Rabab Championship end of October. The show’s concept is the same as for any other AHO Breeders’ Championship: Supporting the breeders of the Arabian horse. Therefore, prize money was given to the top ten class winners. The show turned out to like a warm rain of prize money for the strong brother Tarek and Ahmed, who are united in their passion for Arabian horses in El Farida Stud.

Amazing seven Gold, one Silver and two Bronze Championships were accomplished by El Farida bred horses. Al Baydaa Stud, owned by Ahmed El Talawy, was competitive, too, and garnered one Silver and two Bronze Champions, all sired by Jamil Al Rayyan.

El Farida Stud’s two wonderful stallions Baarez Al Farida and Sohaib Al Farida were only bested by Jefara Al Shennawy, the grey NK Mijamin son was the unanimous choice of the judges.

However, the dominance of El Farida Stud became undeniable at this show and proved the benefits arising from a strong connection between two brothers.

AHO Breeders Championship Egypt

AHO Breeders Championship Egypt

AHO Breeders Championship Egypt