US Open in Central Park

THE 2nd ANNUAL ARABIAN U.S. OPEN - At The Rolex Central Park Horse Show as published in Arabian Horse Times Magazine

If you’ve ever been to the “City That Never Sleeps,” you know why New York City comes by that name. If you haven’t, there is no better time to experience one of the greatest cities in the world, and your trip can start with the Arabian U.S. Open At The Rolex Central Horse Show, September 21st-25th. It is five days of the finest horses in Show Jumping, Dressage, Hunter, and Arabian disciplines, as well as a fun and educational Family Day; and opening day, once again, begins with our beloved Arabian, one of the oldest known breeds, and the most identifiable horse with its beautiful dished face, arched neck and high tail carriage. Those attending will witness our finest in Senior Stallions and Mares, Junior Colts and Fillies, Mounted Native Costume, and Pro/Am Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure and Country English Pleasure.

The Arabian U.S. Open starts at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the 21st and, the Arabian will again be highlighted on Sunday, the 25th for Family Day, which is free from noon-3:00.

Tickets for Wednesday are now available at $50 each. Seating is limited and the demand for tickets is expected to be high, so reserve now ... for a horse experience like no other!

Why is this show worth it?

I believe this show is worth it because it really is an experience unlike any other. Not many people can say they have shown their horse in Central Park. It’s an amazing sight with the beautiful New York City buildings as the background to the show ring. It’s also a great way to expose the Arabian breed to a new audience. —Jim Stachowski

There is nothing to compare to Central Park! I was not prepared for the emotion I felt when I was cantering around that arena and glanced up at the skyline! It was beyond anything you can imagine. It is a huge deal and an amazing opportunity to showcase our magnificent horses with global exposure! The absolute ultimate experience! —Cathy Vecsey

Last year Nancy and I went to the U.S. Open show purely as spectators, as we were in Uruguay where I was judging a few days before, so we booked our return trip through NYC so we could see the show in its debut year. As we were sitting in the stands with the beautiful arena and the Manhattan skyline in full view, you could not help but feel the energy and drama this show brings.

We are really looking forward to taking our team sponsored by Quicken Loans to Central Park this year. As the trip from Scottsdale is definitely taxing on the horses, we will be taking them two weeks before to Pennsylvania. Our good friends John and Christine Ryan have graciously allowed us to stay there in preparation for the show, as they are taking some ridden horses as well. The team is shaping up great, including U.S. national champions Aria Quintessa, Aria Qatars Angel, Vortex Calliste and world renowned stallion Aria Impresario! We are so proud of this group and can’t wait to see them in this special arena. This will be Impresario’s final show, and we all felt that this amazing venue would be the perfect sendoff salute to this great stallion. We can’t wait to get there again; it’s going to be fun! —Greg Gallun

What non-equine activity will you try hard to include while you’re there?

Broadway tickets already purchased for the night after! —Greg Gallun

There are so many fabulous things to see in New York City, I can’t narrow it down to just one thing! —Jim Stachowski

Nothing compares to a haircut with Ryan Cotton at Serge Normant at John Frieda, and dinner at Zero Otto Zova. Also, I am always up for a tour of the USS Intrepid or the 911 museum, which everyone should see. We must never forget that day. If you are looking for a Broadway show, I just saw Chicago, and it was amazing. Treat yourself to the magic of NYC. You won’t be sorry! —Cathy Vecsey ■