A Legendary Night and Two Anniversaries

The German National Championship is connected to the All Nations Cup for several years now; 2019 was no exception. But … there was much cause for celebration, not only handling over the roses for the champions but two remarkable anniversaries. A good reason for a special celebration on Saturday night.

But one after the other, let's start with the German Nationals. 38 horses were in scripted, most of them appeared in front of the judges.

The foals are the future of the breed, so it was a little bit sad that just three foals were presented. The order of the class corresponds to the order of the championship. Gold Champion Foal was garnered by Bourhani Bellavera (RFI Farid x Bourhani Fadissima, by Fadi Al Shaqab) bred and owned by Bourhani Arabians followed by Sax Arabians' Aziza Aarmaani (LF Aaarmaan Vittorio x Monira Bint Amir, by Amir Ibn El Amrya) and IS En Vogue (Ascot DD x IS Epalla, by Pallaton K) bred and owned by Ismer Stud.

The competition among the eleven junior fillies was quite good. Elisha Bint Marshan, a 3 years old Marshan daughter out of Essdreama (Khidar x Essteema), bred and owned by Sax Arabians, received Gold while Silver was given to Ismer Stud's IS Emini. She'd won the yearling filly class before and is another fine Ascot DD daughter out of IS Emina (by Gazwan Al Nasser). The winner of the 2 years old fillies, Bel Mayleen (AJ Mardan x Maryse OS, by Ajman Moniscione) bred and owned by Beluga Arabians, accomplished Bronze.

Among the seven junior colts the Shanghai EA son CP Djuliano (x Djasira Princess Psytadel, by Psytadel) – bred and owned by ZG Polte-Wolbers/Spönle - was one step ahead. The yearling colt took second place in his age class but convinced the judges in the championships. Silver was given to the winner of 2 – 3 years old colts, CBA Mattheus (Fadi Al Shaqab x Maharani CF, by Psytadel) bred and owned by Bouché Arabians. Sax Arabians' celebrated another Bronze with the yearling colt Essandro (Lamandro x Espannja Al Justice, by Al Justice).

The shimmering white GE Maysoun – bred and owned by Eulenthal Stud - received the high score of all females (90,33 points) as well as Gold Champion Senior Mare. Through GR Amaretto and GR Mainun, GE Maysoun is a double granddaughter of Classic Shadwan.

Another Silver was given to Sax Arabians for Malala (Meshan Ibn Kubinec x Marni, by Windsprees Mirage) while DG Schamila (Sahib x HK Kamria, by RD Ariel) garnered Bronze; she was bred by Gerbaulet Stud and is proudly owned by KF Arabians.

The vote for the Gold Champion Senior Stallion was unanimous: Elshaan. The 2015 born bay Marshan son returned as a matured stallion to Aachen after winning Silver Champion Junior Colt in 2018. Sax Arabians' Elshaan (x Elena Bint Europe, by Europe Al Khidar) also received the highest score of the show (91,33 points). Silver and Bronze were given to sire and son: Arian Shah and Camar Qbinec (x Qair Un Nissa, by Kubinec), both owned by Camelot Arabians. Arian Shah (Jonathan El Ludjin x LM Alisha, by CWP Chances Are) was bred by La Movida Arabians while his son Camar Qbinec was bred by Camelot Arabians. The dapple grey finished his performance test earlier this summer and wasn't in show condition.

On Saturday night, the VZAP invited everybody for a "Night of the Arabian Legends" to celebrated the 70th anniversary of the German studbook. Former VZAP president Dr. Hans Joachim Nagel holds an interesting speech about the development of the Arabian breed and show scene. A minute's silence was done for German breeders Liesl Vetter, Willi Poth, US-American Dorothy Stream (ANC Committee member), ECAHO-DC Gijs Eggink, and handler Ryan Jones.

Within this framework, the Ismer family was honoured with the Graf-Landsberg-Velen-medal in Bronze by the FN for their 60th breeding anniversary. The German Arabian horse scene also influenced the pony breeding scene, including several influential stallions of the Ismer Stud. So it was only logical that ponies were a part of the "Night of the Arabian Legends". They were a part of the "Jump & Drive" and presented a fantastic quadrille with 19 ponies.

The successful Arabian dressage horse Haifi El Sorrento (BS Specific x Haifi Dinjah) was honoured with the WAHO Trophy. WAHO Vice President Marek Trela handed over the trophy to the proud owner and breeder Edith Lipp.

Also honoured were remarkable horses like Essteema, the first female Triple Crown winner. Sadly the 21 years old lady was not present but her proud breeder and owner, Reinhard Sax. Next horses were the champion and champion sire Al Lahab (Laheeb x The Vision HG) and 2018 ANC Gold Champion Senior Mare Rihab Al Nasser (Marwan Al Shaqab x Remal Al Nasser). It would have been nice if more legendary German-bred champions were at least be paraphrased. Just think about other famous horses like Galba (another German-bred Triple Crown winner), El Shaklan (one of the globally influential sires) or FS Bengali (probably the most successful show horse bred in Germany).

Congratulations to all winners and successful competitors. We'd especially like to say thank you to all the sponsors, too, without them an event like this cannot happen. Warm thanks to the organizing All Nations Cup team, who helped make this a very memorable event. Thank you for cooperating with Arabian Horse Global Network. It is always a pleasure to visit this event which is a celebration of the Arabian horse.

Please figure outall results, photos by Melanie Groger and live stream in replay on our website.