Prestigious And Unanimous Victory

The All Nations Cup Straight Egyptian exemplified the power and grace of the Straight Egyptians, which are of high value in Kuwait. Much to the delight of Khaled Al Nughemshe, proud owner of Asayel Stud, PSE Al Rakhan not only became the highest score of all males but also was awarded the prestigious title of a Unanimous Gold Champion Senior Stallion. Pierre Groenen, Belgium, who continued the legacy of Imperial Egyptian Stud bloodlines, bred the majestic white PSE Al Rakhan. Though PSE Al Rakhan is by Platinum World Champion Stallion Royal Colours his dam PSE Mistrez is by Imperial Baarez out of Imperial Kabaarah, tracing back to the wonderful Imperial Mistilll and Ansata Nile Mist. Winning this prestigious title, PSE Al Rakhan added one more victory to his already long list of accomplishments like three times Egyptian Event Gold Champion or World SE Champion in Rome.

Silver was awarded to Naseem Al Nakeeb (Murtajab Al Nakeeb x Nessma), who combines the two excellent Obeyan Om Grees mares Marah and Hanan in his pedigree. The Bronze winner D Monaf is a paternal half brother to PSE Al Rakhan and out of DA Aniqah. Many will remember D Monaf as the 2017 ANC Straight Egyptian Gold Champion Junior Colt.

Royal Colours is also the sire of the Unanimous Gold, Silver and Bronze Champion Yearling Colts, validating his claim for the "most influential sire of the show". SH Saif (Gold) and SH Sarab (Silver) are bred and owned by Al Shaya Stud. Both colts are out of Imperial bred mares by Imperial Baarez. SH Saif's dam is Imperial Beveerah, out of Azaamah, tracing back to Bint Kateefa – Bint Rissala of the Rodania line. Imperial Bushraa, the dam of SH Sarab, is out of Imperial Karikah who is tracing back to Fawkia – Mamlouka, again the Rodania line but the Malaka – Bint Riyala branch. Bronze-winning AB Saif is out of Sahara By Al Whaid and again the nick between Royal Colours and Imperial Baarez worked out well as Sahara is out of Imperial Baajah, by Imperial Baarez and back to Imperial Mistilll.

After winning Silver Champion Junior Colts at the 3rd Egyptian Event last November, D Raouf returned to the show ring to compete for Gold – and he succeeded. Being by Royal Colours out of DA Aniqah, D Raouf is a full brother to aforementioned D Monaf, bred by Dubai Arabian Horse Stud and proudly owned by Al Babtain Stud. Silver was given to Nashme Al Zobair (by Al Saeedi) whose dam Hasina Al Zobair is out of the valuable producer Mmecca, another fine representative of the Ansata Nile Mist family. Bronze was awarded to the 2017 Gold Champion Yearling Colt Jarrah Al Wafi (Dahes Al Rayyan x Shaikha Al Wafy).

Now let's catch up with the female power of this amazing show. The fantastically filled four yearling fillies classes alone were excellent. A horse owned by Al shaya Stud was the celebrated winner: Bosmat AA, bred by Ariela Arabians. This filly is a refined daughter of Frasera Mashar out of Basmah AA, by Laheeb. Bosmat's maternal granddam is Al Baraqai AA, the first-born daughter of broodmare supreme The Vision HG, tracing back to Zaafarana – Radia – Ghazala. Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Babtain's filly AB Muhra earned the high score of all yearling fillies but was bested by Bosmat AA in the championship. Silver winning AB Muhra is by Royal Colours out of Hamra Musics Memo. Dhay Al Hilaliya won Bronze for her breeder Barrak Yaqoub Al Hajri. The filly is by Asfoor Al Waab out of Anqaa Al Jazira, who recently won 2017 Gold Champion Senior Mare at the 3rd Egyptian Event in Kuwait. Anqaa Al Jazira, by Ezz Alzira, represents the wonderful line of El Thay Bint Kamla – Kamla II – Moheba – Halima.

Gold Champion Junior Filly was awarded to another fine youngster bred and owned by Amhad Abdulaziz Al Babtain: AB Faridah. Her sire is DF Malik Jamil, inbred to Hanan, while AB Faridah's dam Bint Farid Nile Moon is linebred to Farid Nile Moon. Like the Yearling Champion Bosmat AA, AB Faridah traces back to Zaafarana, but this time through Sharbat Albadeia – El Ameera. Last years Gold Champion Yearling Filly Zainah Al Nawasi accomplished Silver in the junior competition. She is by the Asfoor Al Waab out of Zahyah Al Nawasi. Rayyanah Al Maale accomplished Bronze, she is a daughter of NK Nabhan out of Radhwaa Ezzain, tracing back to Helala – Ansata Gloriana – Ansata Bint Bukra.

The Gold Champion Senior Mare CF Shamila was bred by Italian Sergio Gubbiotti and is proudly owned by Abdullah Hussain Sadah. Her sire is Moroc, who brought several interesting mares. AG Samsarah, CF Shamila's dam, is by Hadidi, an accomplished show stallion, and traces back to Nourah – Bint Nefisaa – Helwa. Nawaal Al Rayyan received Silver; she is a daughter of Ansata Sokar and out of Nadrah Al Rayyan – Ansata Nefer Isis – Ansata Delilah. So both of Nawaal's parents represent the excellent line of Ansata Bint Misr – Ansata Bint Bukra. Al Babtain Stud is the proud owner of Bronze winner Fotna Al Baidaa, by Al Sheikh Obaied Al Moghazy. Fotna's dam DHS Suriah traces back through Ward Shah to Masfia – Maysa of the Obeyan Om Grees line.

Both, the All Nations Cup Straight Egyptians Trophy and the Breeders Trophy was awarded to the passionate breeders of Kuwait.

With such appeal and strong competition, it is no surprise that the All Nations Cup Straight Egyptian is very much on the list of breeders the world and became an important showcase for the best Straight Egyptians in the Middle East. Congratulations to all of the competitors and a very sincere thank you to the fantastic support of the organizing team of Bait Al Arab Kuwait State Stud. Arabian Horse Global Network would like to extend our thanks for the excellent collaboration.