Fascinating Jewels

Egyptian bred Arabian horses have fascinated people for centuries and Kuwait has been known for a long time as a sanctuary of precious four-legged jewels tracing back to the preferred bloodlines. What began in 1995 with a small group of enthusiastic horse lovers has grown into a large but no less association of dedicated breeders of straight Egyptians. The state stud Bait Al Arab maintain a private herd of straight Egyptian horses, too, so it was only natural that they offer a special show for straight Egyptian Arabians.

The second edition of the Kuwaiti Egyptian Event highlighted the influence of Mubarak Arabians, proudly owned by Mohammed Mubarak Al Mubaraki. Four horses from his breeding program received championship honors. The Yearling Filly Championship saw a one-two success as the Ezz Ezzain daughter M Naeema received Gold while M Sina by Dahes Al Rayyan got Silver. M Sina’s paternal half sister M Alia garnered Silver in the Junior Filly Championship, too. A third Silver Champion was M Zaidan by M Anan.

Mubarak Arabians’ young sire Dahes Al Rayyan seems to follow the example of his sire Ansata Selman and grandsire Ansata Hejazi. While Dahes Al Rayyan was on lease in Germany his get was successfully presented at this show. Next to aforementioned M Sina and M Alia the Gold Champion Yearling Colt Safari Ameer and Bronze Champion Junior Colt Barq Al Dantain are by Dahes Al Rayyan, too.

Both Senior Champions are owned by Mubarak Hamdan Al Khashab. Gold Champion Senior Stallion Motair Al Baidaa is a fine son of Tarres Rasheek Al Qusar back to Ansata Halim Shah and out of Ansata Bint Shahrezad by Farres, tracing back two times to unforgettable Ansata Rosetta, dam of Ansata Halim Shah. The Gold Champion Senior Mare Khalila Bint Khafifa also represents the Ansata Halim Shah – Ibn Halima sire like through her sire Frasera Ramses Shah, himself a son of adorable Ansata Nefer Isis. On the dam’s side of Khalila’s pedigree one will find the influence of well-known Ansata Halim Shah son Maysoun as well as the combination of the two Bint Kateefa sons Kaisoon and Farag.

Kuwait Egyptian Event - photo by Michael Steurs

Kuwait Egyptian Event - photo by Michael Steurs

Kuwait Egyptian Event - enthusiastic fans - photo by Michael Steurs