Passion Is The True Phoenix

2017 Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival - impression - photo taken by Jan Kan“Our passions are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, famous German writer, and statesman. The mythical bird Phoenix, rising from the ashes, stands for the process of renewing - a process not possible without passion.

The Noble Festival team believes that what makes Arabian horse breeders and lovers stand apart is their passion. Passion is the key to creating something that others like to see … and want to come back to again and again. Passion is the energy that makes you go that extra mile even though a special horse or event is not around the corner.

While the future development of the European show scene is in doubt, visitors of the 2017 Noble Festival had witnessed a unique premiere. Though fascinated by the project, Mahmoud Alanzarouti of the organizing committee could hardly imagine how this idea of sharing a passion would hit the nerve of the times. “Some breeders do not generally attend shows with their horses on the regular. Yet they would still like to have the opportunity to present them to the public. Our festival had created such an opportunity,” says Mahmoud Alanzarouti.

Did you know, Noble Festival was one of the most talked about Arabian horse events in 2017! Breeders helped each other in a relaxed atmosphere. “The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival reminds to the praised competition-free European Egyptian Events of the 1980's in Wiesbaden, Germany,” adds Mahmoud Alanzarouti and continues: “Like this event, the Noble Festival was not about prizes or judging, but we were setting a new trend, new ideas, new force, and new dimensions." Mahmoud Alanzarouti and his team – their passion is the true phoenix.

It is close to the 2nd edition of the Noble Festival on 14. & 15. July 2018 in Lochem, Netherlands, will be even more special and spectacular in the same astounding atmosphere.

We look forward sharing the passion and beauty of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses with Arabian horse breeders and enthusiasts from around the globe. If you would like to celebrate with us, CLICK HERE and get YOUR TICKET. Please note that tickets are required to attend the Noble festival and that the number of tickets is limited.

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2017 Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival - impression - photo taken by Jan Kan