Sharing a Passion

Sharing a Passion

An Arabian horse, dancing, prancing, with its overall elegance and its snort and blow easily catches the attention of people. Soft nostrils stroke your open hand, talking to you about the rich history of this breed while dark eyes seem to look directly into your heart.

Hardly anyone will be able to steal him- or herself away from the fascination that is created by the Straight Egyptian Arabian. These magnificent creatures can be enjoyed, discussed, and fondled with great passion since centuries. The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival will celebrate this exquisite breed, just to enjoy the horses and share the own passion with others.

The aim of the Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival is to exhibit the horses as they are in a relaxed atmosphere, without pressure, and without judging. Arabian horse shows can be a great signpost to constantly improve your own breeding.

People thrive when given the opportunity to explore and share their treasures. The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival will offer a kind of joint platform for breeders to present their breeding program and most beloved jewels to other breeders and enthusiasts.

The idea of the Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival is to work together. It is just a matter of working together for a common goal. For example, one breeder has a magnificent stallion or a proven broodmare he would like to present. Asking other friends and breeders, who own produce out of those horses and creating an interesting group of horses in this way – that is an effective cooperation.

The event's focus is on the Straight Egyptian Arabian horses and to travel back to where the love for the horses began. "We understand that this journey is different per person," says Mahmoud Alanzarouti, the driving force behind the idea. "It would be amazing to create an environment where we can share these experiences with each other. Breeders will be able to present their best horses; stallions and valuable broodmares and their offspring. In this way, they can give others an impression on their views and goals." This all will be relished in a relaxed atmosphere at the beautiful Sham Stables in Lochem, Netherlands.

The Noble Straight Egyptian Breeders Festival reminds to the praised competition-free European Egyptian Events of the 1980's in Wiesbaden, Germany. "Some breeders do not generally attend shows on the regular with their horses," Mahmoud Alanzarouti explains. "Yet they would still like to have the opportunity to present them to the public. Our festival would like to create this opportunity. This event is not about prizes or judging, but we would like to give new ideas, new force, and new dimensions."

Come and share your passion for Straight Egyptian Arabians with us!

Enjoy the moment, enjoy the horses and enjoy each other!