Arabians in Arizona - Region 7

I first discovered my admiration for Arabian horses while working in Cairo, Egypt. I was the head show jumping coach, trainer and manager working with mostly imported warmbloods, however Arabian horses were a common sighting. Arabians and Half-Arabians were often used as school horses or for long rides in the desert. I spent two years in the Middle East and grew a deep love and respect for the cherished desert horses. I would often ride them in the sandy terrain alongside the pyramids—yes, the famous ones—as a means of training as well as for the pure joy of it. As a Californian girl, the temptation to be in the warmth of the sun was irresistible and the horizon called my name.

When I was recently given the opportunity to represent Arabian Horse Global Network at the Region 7 show in Scottsdale, Arizona, I jumped at the chance. I flew the long flight from my home in England to America and felt instantly at home again. It was my first visit to West World, the event center where the large equestrian Region 7 show was to take place and I was thoroughly impressed. The facility had eight arenas all of which were busy with various classes while a string of competitive horses and riders warmed up outside. The stables were adorned with various teams’ logos and decorations as well as the ribbons they had won from the previous show. And the horses! The reason we were all there. The beautiful horses came in all colors and sizes and were toned and fit and ready to show. As the owner of a little half Arabian filly myself, I couldn’t help but wish she was there to witness her fellow brothers and sisters competing for the title as Champion.

The variety of classes alone was enough to keep me on my toes. There were more than 600 horses entered throughout the five-day competition with 312 Classes for Regionals alone. There were reining horses, western pleasure horses, sidesaddle horses, driving horses and of course the beautiful pure bred fillies and colts showing in hand. In the Arabian Yearling Classes the spectators went wild with excitement over the gorgeous fillies and colts. The crowd cheered when the yearling colt known as Pazzazz SRA, owned and bred by Dan and Maureen Grossman, won the Yearling Colt Class on Saturday night. The stir of the audience also couldn’t be contained when the winner for the Stallion Breeding 3 Years class was announced, Veyron ORA bred and owned by Oak Ridge Arabians.

Kelly Charpentier, one of the organizers for the Region 7 Show held in Scottsdale, strives to promote the Arabian horse in all its versatilities by hosting this Arabian and Half-Arabian Championship Horse Show. She hopes to promote the outstanding qualities of the Arabian Horse by providing educational programs in the interest of owners, clubs and enthusiasts. Her enthusiasm for the development of the sport as well as the support of the Arabian Horse Association made it all possible. There were 5 different arenas hosting the regionals with 9 different judges from across the U.S. and ranged anywhere from cutting horses to dressage and hunter classes. The most popular events took place in the large, Equidome Arena and started every morning at 8 am and went well into the evening after 9 pm. Some classes had as many as 20 horses, making the judges job a difficult task indeed! Apart from the serious competitors taking place, there were also a string of fun games such as “Ride a Buck” or the classic “egg and spoon” race as well as a water balloon fight for the kids. Next door to the Equidome could be found a huge antiques display of shops and food stalls as well as live singers.

One of the greatest things about the Arabian Shows in the United States would have to bethe variety of performance horse classes alongside the popular Arabian in Hand classes. The competitors had traveled far and wide from across the States and even as far as Canada. They had collected in this spectacular event in what was truly an amazing display of horsemanship and beauty. Very few breeds have as much grace, stamina, character and presence as the Arabian horse and the success of the event was hugely thanks to this astounding breed as well as all the organizers, supporters, spectators and competitors taking part in this wonderful Arabian Horse Show, at West World and I for one, am looking forward to what is next to come!