Socially Active

Socially Active

Facebook and other social media platforms have become an integral part of our daily life. Many of us find ourselves looking online multiple times a day to get caught up on all that is happening in this great big small world. The Arabian Horse Times has a facebook following that is second to non in the Arabian horse community. Over 1.2 million people like the AHT page and are 100% organic, in other words, AHT has never paid a dime to facebook to acquire these followers. Impressive to say the least!

In a whim of curiosity today, I was inspired to look at the insights (statistics) on the AHT page. I had an idea of what the most popular posts were, but I was surprised to learn the magnitude of their reach. To follow are the Top 5 most popular posts in June 2016

Number FIVE 2016 Region 10 Champion Show Photo Album

124,313 People Reached
3,147 Reactions, Comments & Shares
20,441 Post Clicks

Number FOUR Mario Braga post on the passing of Venetian and Matoi

130,461 People Reached
3,564 Reactions, Comments & Shares
5,979 Post Clicks

Number THREE Video post of El Mago BPA at Arabians International

171,308 People Reached
31,556 Video Views
4,319 Reactions, Comments & Shares
10,904 Post Clicks

Number TWO Mario Braga's post on the passing of Echo Magnifficoo

257,379 People Reached
10,802 Reactions, Comments & Shares
7,561 Post Clicks

The Number ONE most post in June with a staggering lead A Special Moment at Region 2 with Gio Guzzo

924,140 People Reached
50,063 Reactions, Comments & Shares
22,635 Post Clicks

Visit the Arabian Horse Times Facebook page and see what over 1.2 million people are talking about!