This Moment

This Moment

This moment. These two young women. This sport.
By Christy Jo Carlson Caspers

I love it - every moment from the lessons, to the dirt, the hay all over my car, the thrill of the blue, the disappointment of not doing well, getting the 'bun done', finding the lost glove, the grooming, the endless hours spent in the stall area helping out, the bills and the gentle giants that have my girls hearts - all of it. And I don't even ride.

Some of my non-horse show mom friends often wonder why we spend the time and money to 'indulge' this horse passion. It is moments like this -- when I see the two of them, one who just finished showing a 1400 pound animal, and the other, sharing in the joy and success of her sister in the ring. It is seeing their eyes sparkle when they talk to their trainers who they hold in the highest regard and it is finding they'd rather hang out in the stall with their horse than going out to a party with school friends. It is seeing them being accountable for the not-so-great rides (of which there are many) and giving a gentle word to others who might be having a tough time. They've learned that while winning a blue ribbon and set of roses is exhilarating, it is knowing that winning (in the eyes of the judges) doesn't happen often -- just like in life. So for them, they've decided that 'winning' is defined differently.

It is in this quiet walk back to the barn when I know my money and time are well spent. This ‘horse thing’ is their passion, their love and in moment like this, that is their success. Regardless of what color ribbon (or no ribbon) they receive. From Heather Linnenbringer who started them out by putting them on an amazing journey to John Golladay and Leah Boyd who put in endless hours to get the girls and their beautiful horses ready to ‘go show’ you have my deep gratitude. It takes a village and I am so grateful that my village includes all of you.

Worth. Every. Penny.