2016 US Nationals Viewers Choice

Choose Your Winner

The Arabian Horse Global Network will be presenting the Vote and Win this year for the first time, to the public audience at U.S. Nationals in Tulsa.

In an effort to include all who come to watch, a new section called "Viewers' Choice" has been created. The difference in this new section from the Vote and Win "Crowds Favorite" which requires registration to participate, is that the entire audience can participate without formal registration and no prize money will be offered to any of the winners.

Goal: The goal of the affiliates of Vote & Win is to motivate breeders and owners to become a part of designing the future of the Arabian horse community by sharing their vote! Results of the votes from the audience will be shared to set a new base for discussion on how to improve the future. Our aim from these results is to make more focused future decisions.

Come and get involved and join others in this entertaining event showcasing the Arabian horse! We wish everyone good luck and hope you enjoy!

We appreciate those who have made this entertaining showcase available! Conway Arabians, Dale Brown Performance Horses and Vicki Humphrey Training Center