Friday October 21st

While strolling through the showgrounds in Tulsa, visitors will likely come across a life-sized statue of an Arabian horse, painted a glistening gold in honor of the Golden Anniversary of the U.S. Nationals. In addition to being a tribute, the statue is also an introduction to Arabian Horses for Humanity, a fabulous project that extends exposure to the Arabian horse to a much wider audience. A collaboration of the Arabian Horse Association and the Purebred Arabian Trust, AHH will offer at least 15 sponsors the opportunity to purchase a life-sized, fiberglass Arabian horse of their own, which will be auctioned off at the 2017 Nationals to raise funds for the sponsors favorite charities and the AHA.

Inspired by the Cows on Parade installations of the past, the Arabian Horses for Humanity statues will each be decorated in ways designed to creatively stir the public interest and draw attention to the chosen charity. The completed statues will be sent out to mutually-agreed upon locations throughout the Tulsa area, selected to raise awareness of the charity and to stimulate interest in the Nationals and the AHH gala auction. The statues are meant to be introductions to the breed… a herd of Arabian horse ambassadors. 50% of the proceeds for the sale of each Arabian Horse for Humanity will go to the charity, and 50% will support ongoing promotional efforts of the marketing arm of AHA.