Have you heard about Vote and Win Viewers Choice?

As we enter the 2nd day of the U.S National Championship horse show I felt it was very important for me to talk more about the Vote and Win Viewers Choice feature that is available for certain classes. This allows the audience in the stands and then viewers at home to vote for their favorite. It's a way to have their voice heard and cheer on their friends. I wanted to emphasize how fun this option really is and how great of a way it is to get the crowd involved. I feel it such a great way to show support for those people showing that it really means more then we realize to the exhibitors. It's a simple process to vote for your favorite, once the class is in the ring voting starts and then after they have lined up the voting is closed. You simply go to voteandwin.org and the U.S National Championship Horse Show it will pull up immediately the classes eligible and the one that is available for voting. If you haven't used tried out this great feature it is a must do for everyone either watching from home or at the show! Cheer on your favorites!