Mustang Arena-October 23, 2016-Reining...Hot Patterns! Western Horsemanship-Cool, Calm, Collected

Mustang Arena is all about spinning, sliding, runs and roll backs! As a result of today's runs, Tuesdays' finals include trainer Crystal McNutt proudly possessing six of the ten final positions in the highly competitive Half-Arab Reining Open!'s not over yet! Longtime Reining supporter and breeder Eleanor Hamilton agrees: "When our late, great stallion Hesa Zee won his first U.S. Nationals, our heart was in our throats until the last score was announced...And then we won!" Indeed Eleanor won with not only a great performing stallion but the start of a legendary breeding program which is winning in all the Western show pens to this day. Speaking of breeding, the Reining show pen brings in all kinds of pedigrees. Monday's Arabian Reining Horse Open Competition will include PA Marco...a Marwan Al Shaqab son out of a *Padron daughter...Yes... PA Marco truly exemplifies exquisite Arabian type and superb athletic ability...Come to Mustang Arena and see for yourself!

Tonight and for two years running, Amanda Golestani and her Half-Arab Dun Waltzin' own the Western Horsemanship red roses...Two out of two championships is stellar, especially when the 2016 is a UNANIMOUS win!

Come join the fun!!!