Thursday, October 27th

Thursday, October 27, 2016:

The atmosphere at the U.S. Nationals is always exciting, as would be expected of a major sporting event. But it is the camaraderie, the reunion with friends, the relationships built up over the years, that linger in our memories.

There is no discrimination in the Arabian breed. All are welcome.

It is a feel good sport!

For human and horse alike.

We make friends for life. And we make life happen with our friends.

Tulsa Totem

The scope of a show like the Nationals is huge, which means that there are many small pieces that make up the whole. Each detail is given attention so that the result of all effort is a splendid spectacle, and they deserve to be noticed in their own right.

And oh, those glorious manes!

Usually things go smoothly during the preparations, but sometimes the horse and his person are not quite in sync.

Is that spur really necessary?

When the perfect combination of magnificent horse, dedicated handler, compassionate training, and relentless practice all come together as planned, a championship team is born. Lara Ames and Perfirka exit the arena having just been named United States National Champion Mare AAOTH.