United States Nationals - In Preparation

Monday, October 17, 2018: As the sun breaks over the show grounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, preparations are well underway for the 50th Anniversary of the United States National Championship Arabian Horse Show. The extensive barn area, which is so stark and unimaginative when empty, is being transformed into a wonderland of eye-pleasing displays, gracious lounge areas, and presentation spaces designed to showcase the magnificent horses which will be hidden behind the decorative curtains emblazoned with their respective logos and color schemes. Breeding farms and training stables go all out to replicate the ambiance of their home sites to lure the public to spend some time relaxing in comfortable surroundings while being dazzled by the horses to be seen there, and to give their existing clients a home base in which to share their anticipation and celebrate their victories.

The team from Arabian Horse Global Network are working around the clock to provide full coverage of this prestigious event. You will be able to tune in from your living rooms all around the world to witness many of the finest horses on the planet compete for the highest honors. The diversity of camera set ups actually allows the home audience to get a better view of the horses than most of those present at the show! So, get ready to spend the better part of the next two weeks watching as the next generation of U.S. National Champions is revealed.

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